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מיקי קרני - צייר Miki Karni, Oil Art painter

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חלונות ודלתות
חלונות ודלתות

Miki Karni was born in Israel in 1959. He is an artist who paints oil paintings in realistic, photo-realism and dramatic styles.
His paintings are presented in galleries around the world, Karni paints for institutions, Hi-Tech companies and museums and also has his own exhibitions. His paintings are exhibited in companies, museums, galleries and places such as: General Electric - U.S, Boeing - U.S, U.S Air Force, GM, Zim, Iscar, Elbit, Israeli Military Air Force, the Israeli Presidential Mansion, The Israel Coins & Medals Corporation, The us ambassador in Israel, the Israel Prime Ministeרs Office, Tefen Museum, and several galleries in Israel and the U.S. Karins paintings have been given as gifts by the Israeli Prime Minister to several heads of foreign States

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